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Working on my website, there's always more to add, things to tweak. Much like when I'm earning my daily bread gardening, I'm living in the artists delight, curating, changing a flow, enhancing an emphasis, standing back and admiring the effect, steeping in the coherence as if imbibing a good brew of tea, simply being part of the harmony. An instrument for our Earth playing happiness like a verb, this filter the ultimate lens.


Thinking back to this moment.....
It's happened here, it can happen everywhere!

'Quito, Ecuador, February 4, 2022 – Today, the Constitutional (Supreme) Court of Ecuador, the country’s most powerful judicial body, published a ruling recognizing, for the first time, the right of indigenous communities to have the final decision over oil, mining and other extractive projects that affect their lands. Ecuador now has one of the most powerful legal precedents in the world on the internationally recognized right of Indigenous peoples to Free, Prior and Informed Consent, a powerful legal tool for Indigenous survival and the protection of huge swaths of forests and mega-biodiverse ecosystems.' Amazon Frontlines

A monumental moment. One not reported in the mainstream news. A moment so important for our Earth that our fossil fuelled economy would rather we didn't acknowledge it worldwide. Made possible by Earth rights, Ecuadors constitutional recognition of the rights of our home to exist in healthy harmony. A harmony without which we humans are bereft of dignity. Bereft of the knowledge that plants have feelings too, as do rocks, water molecules, animals, bacteria, fish, fungi, algae, birds, mountains, etc etc etc.

Simply acknowledging feelings of harmony, those feelings of belonging well, being balanced and adaptive to the whims of weather and circumstance, well, this recognition leads to noble coherence. Blessed, juicy, wild, possibilities of creative expression.

After all science still cannot agree on the how and why of an airplane in the sky....

Perhaps the whole will demand good governance? Perhaps our elections will become moments where all the candidates are so wholesome, so caring and present, that our future will be a navigation to harmonious co-existence with all beings?
Little steps leading to exponential beauty.

Making wise choices, and all ways being kind...

Magic, All Ways Magic, & Landrights...

Journal Entry 3

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