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  The following CALLS TO ACTIONmini-documentaries, and films are

created by Brigid Mary Prain - founding director of Sagefire Blooming Inc

 "Motivated by my love of Nature it fuels my soul to create these offerings of activation. Inspiration from the Amazon to choose to Give Back to Life. To Love Nature, Protect Nature. and Know Pachamama."   

       Pachamama is the Indigenous Cosmovision where Time, Space, and the Multiverse are ONE...                                                                                                                                    

Call to Action...Waorani Warrior Milton Nenquimo speaks to the World

Call to Action...The Indigenous Resistance 

Call to Action...A message from the Waorani Women 

Call to Action...Froilán Macanilla: Yasuni National Park Guide at
         Tiputini Biodiversity Research Station

Call to Action...My Lament to the Patriarchy 

Feature Length Film
Medicine for the soul.
Designed as a meditative immersion into animal encounters,
this film has only a small amount of dialogue to orientate and inspire. The soundtrack is composed from the sounds of the rainforest in a Theta brainwave style.

Mini Documentary...Shiripuno.
An ecovillage governed by women.

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so I can devote more of my time to being in the Amazon helping to protect Nature and our Future
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