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'The Symbiocene will be characterised by sumbiocentric human intelligence that replicates, in all aspects of social life, the symbiotic and mutually reinforcing, life-reproducing forms and processes found in all living systems...'
'The scientific meaning of the word “symbiosis” implies living together for mutual benefit...As a core aspect of ecological thinking, symbiosis affirms the interconnectedness of life and all living things.' Glenn Albrecht 

I love this term because it emphasises Union.

I wish to revel in the recognition that we are all interconnected in ways beyond our current scientific understanding. Ways that defy our money orientated complacency, ways that Indigenous peoples have accepted for eons past. Ways that I feel we all must recognise in order to move forward as a species caring for all our parts. 

At the moment (1/7/2023) this page is mainly dedicated to the work I was able to do from 16th Oct - 24th Oct 2022 studying Conservation Biology with the El Consorcio Latinamericano de Biologia de la Conservación at the Tiputini Biodiversity Research Station (TBS).
Currently you're viewing a WIP as keeping up with all I've learnt, recorded, filmed, and produced, is ongoing. Videos after the intensive 8 day course, from my time spent with TBS & National Park Guide Froilan Macanilla at TBS, and then with the Waorani at Konipare Village, are in production.

One of the amazing outcomes from going back to Ecuadorian Amazon this time, was the opportunity to take 3 Canon cameras from friends here in Byron Shire, Australia, to the Waorani Indigena Resistencia. The Waorani will use these cameras to document biodiversity (new/old species are being recognised by the scientific community daily), contribute further to their territorial bio-mapping for legal use in the ongoing court cases supporting their territorial landrights (which they continue to win in the Supreme Courts), and for documenting illegal activity that is the outcome of the extractive industries creating roads. Roads that are NOT ecological trails, roads that are trespassing into pristine primary rainforest. 

In May 2023 I was published at the International Multispecies Methods Research Symposium at the Saskatchawan University in Canada about Intuitive Interspecies Communication. I've added my paper as a Journal entry here...

At the Mullumbimby Shearwater Steiner School where I work as a Biodynamic Horticulturist and Environmental Educator, I've conducted two presentations centred around Conservation Biology, accompanied by Gabby Herron-Cartwright who is an Environmental and Energy Lawyer. Together we present a balanced and inspiring perspective for working towards a healthy future. I love the engaged and enthusiastic audiences we draw.

Many of the following reels and photos have also been released on Instagram and Facebook, please share if they move you. Right now Nature needs us all to love and protect her. If you click on the YouTube option when viewing the videos you will find in depth information about the Nature involved in each reel is published there...




Through the lens of Global Ecology we all connect...


From here on the videos reflect my time spent alone with Froilan Macanilla after all the amazing people from XI Curso Latinamericano de Biologia de la Conservación left. I knew from the past that one of the most exciting things I can do with my time is to spend it alone in the rainforest or with someone who grew up in the Amazon, so I had organised 4 days with Froilan. Froilan is Kichwa and grew up in the rainforest. In many ways he is the ultimate Professor. I am still working on the videos from this time. As a forest friend he did his best to help me upgrade my forest skills; making me lead, going out in the night, and reflecting on footage. I was exhausted from the course but none of that mattered, this kind of experience in deep pristine, primary rainforest is invaluable...

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