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Screen Shot 2019-06-28 at 11.41.46

Music created from the sounds of Nature in the genre of FOREST.
I love the symphony of Alive, and aspire to make music that inspires deeper listening to Nature. I love the way this deep listening tunes us in to awakening the senses and lean into our true potential as sentient beings.
Ever since I was 11 and my wonderful teacher made me class frog monitor, I've been entranced with frogs. This led to an audio engineering degree for the purpose of championing the frog and all the ecology they live with.
Frogs are the 'canaries' of the water, they are environmental indicators that signal the health of our ecology. 
Listen in...


A song about listening to our inner voice and talking to rocks...


















































































Frogz Rule!
sez Jaguar.
A Frog clubbing track celebrating the sanctity of Water

Frog Bridge...Party One
Starring: Broken Head Sea, Brunswick Heads River, Crow, Yellow Tailed Black Cockatoo, & Giant Barred Frog 

A Love Song for Our Earth
A magic song written with 9 & 10yr old children celebrating connection.


We are born! We die...
A(l)chemical life expanding and contracting along the timelines. Forward life-school, forever ancestor driven.

 Phyllotaxis; the Golden Ratio.
Natures ultimate intelligence for seed dispersal on the spiral of life.
An ode to fresh air, clean water, and a healthy soul.

Hear more *FOREST* music here 


a company dedicated to loving life

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