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Join Brigid Mary Prain, Nature Activist and Artist



An experience you will always treasure...

I first met the Waorani tribespeople in 2016 when I returned to the Ecuadorian Amazon with the intention of creating 

short inspiring films that celebrated the deep beauty of people 

who live in harmony with NATURE,

people who are willing to put their lives on the line to

protect OUR EARTH.

The Ecuadorian Amazon is the most biodiverse place on our

Planet, with more species of flora and fauna in less space than

anywhere else!

This rainforest is a VITAL filter and generator of fresh air and clean

water for our GLOBAL ecology.

If we are to evolve and survive we must support the


to protect their territories from the extractive industries.

Tour Leader Brigid Mary Prain

It is my intention to support the Waorani in their self determination. Together we have formed an opportunity for you to visit with several communities in the Amazon rainforest. Profits from your contribution will go proportionally towards myself and the Waorani furthering our efforts to protect the Amazon and the incredible wisdom of people who feel NATURE. 


You will travel overland and through the Amazon river system to stay with several different Waorani communities where you will be welcomed into the hearts of families who are standing strong to protect OUR AMAZON.

You will experience their culture, the flora and fauna of the rainforest, share in their plant medicines, canoe down rivers, visit waterfalls, learn from their hunter gatherer ways, drink chicha together, learn weaving, and HOW TO BE IN THE JUNGLE. 

Deep in the Amazon you will have the opportunity to drink Yagé (Ayahuasca) with an esteemed Indigenous medicine

person who was BORN into the role of CEREMONIAL WISDOM KEEPER.


Whether partaking or not, simply being in this ceremony is powerful. 

You'll emerge with a new awareness of yourself and your place in the world, becoming a heightened advocate for

Nature and those who live harmoniously with PACHAMAMA.

Pachamama is the Indigenous Cosmovision where Time, Space, and the Multiverse are ONE.

Tour group with one of the village kids keeping the rear safe
Waorani tribespeople with visitors

By humbling your presence and treading lightly you will experience the magic of the AMAZON.

This is an amazing opportunity to support the


"Our culture comes from the forest.

The forest teaches us how to live,

and our culture teaches us how to protect the FOREST."

Nemonte Nenquimo

In July and November 2019 the Waorani were back in the
courtroom fighting government appeals. EACH TIME THEY WON!

Protecting Indigenous Territory

Little did I know that when I first went to the Amazon in 2013 I had laid the foundations for this meeting with a culture who are renowned for their fierce intelligence. Following intuition and being willing to trammel the unknown, it was as if I stumbled upon gifts I had prepared earlier and through leaps of faith I found myself documenting three Waorani communities in the aftermath of evicting a trespassing oil company.

Sinopec had flown in a drill camp deep in Waorani territiory without prior consultation and the tribespeople had served them with legal papers that sent the oil company packing. It was a glorious victory which we celebrated with a wild food fight in the mud.

Three days later we were in Tena visiting gratis social justice lawyers, the Ombudswoman, and giving interviews for regional and national television.

Our Tour Guide is José Nenquimo from the Kiwaro community of the Waorani. I first met José in 2016 whilst documenting the eviction. Let me say this again: an oil company had flown in a test drill camp to pristine primary rainforest in the most biodiverse place on Earth and members of three Waorani communities evicted them by serving them with legal papers stating which acts of the constitution that the company was contravening! 

Early in 2019 I fundraised to help the Elders and wise people of 16 Waorani communities comfortably make their way to the courtroom in Puyo where they went on to WIN!!! an enormous Indigenous landrights victory... 

I found friendship deep in the rainforest with the Waorani.

We travelled for hours together and our bond was forged through courage, trust and respect. 

You can see José in my video below speaking in an interview with a regional news team after the action.

Harpy Eagle
Tour Guide Jose Nenquimo with a recent tour group

“The government tried to sell our lands to the oil companies

without our permission,”

said Nemonte Nenquimo, President of the Coordinating Council

of the Waorani Nationality of Ecuador–Pastaza (Pastaza CONCONAWEP), a political organization of the Waorani and

plaintiff in the lawsuit.

“We decide what happens in our lands. We will never sell our rainforest to the oil companies. The government’s interest in

oil is not more valuable than our rights, our forests, our lives.”


Waorani Guided Tour


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